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This is more of a web app than a website which is why I am putting it in the other section of the site. Created mostly in PHP with the Laravel Framework it is a website where people looking for work can sign up and enter their details as well as upload their CV and then prospective employers can (for a fee) contact the potential employees or just download a CV if the employee has uploaded one.

This website was made during my time working for geekho.

I really enjoyed this project particularly as it was my first mostly PHP project that I built from scratch and was a good challenge for me.

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**NOTE: The page may load in Khmer (the Cambodian language). If this is the case then you should see a button on the top right hand side that says "English". Just click that to change the language to English.


Stepladder is a plugin I wrote for jquery.

Essentially what it does is take an un-ordered list in html, normally in a menu, and fade each item in individually one by one. The timing can be set for the speed when the plugin is called.

This was particularly satisfying and fun to code. I have also taken this and modified it to work in other places, such as the Smarter Shows website, where you click on the shows drop down button in the menu.

Check it out on GitHub


The Battery Show, a show run by my former employer, Smarter Shows, is technically three shows in one.

This page is a list of all of the exhibitors for these shows, with a filter at the top for each show as well as a show all button.

View the page here.

This was done in my earlier days of programming with Javascript / jQuery and very challenging but also very fun and educational for me.

Check it out on GitHub