My name is Matthew Jonat and I am a freelance web developer!

I have always had an interest in all things “tech”. Computers especially. It wasnt until college though, where I started to learn HTML for the first time, that I had a sense of “I can see myself doing this for the rest of my life”. That is to say, I really really enjoyed it.

After college I went travelling for a few years but then when I came home in 2009 I bought a home study HTML and CSS course and it spiraled on from there.

After completing the course I managed to get a position volunteering at a church that had a web development department. This is where I started to learn how to create WordPress themes from scratch and had my first taste of PHP and Javascript….mainly working with jQuery. 

After volunteering for a few months I managed to get myself an internship at a company called i-studentgroup based in Brighton, UK as a junior web developer. After 3 months the internship finished and I became a fully paid member of staff!

This was a good day.

At i-studentgroup, it was time to learn a different CMS. This time Joomla. Joomla was a bit of a jump in the deep end for me compared to WordPress although I only really see this as a good thing as it really helped me learn more about web development and programming as a whole.

As well as working with Joomla we created flash brochures, using actionscript 2 and then later actionscript 3. This was also incredibly beneficial in regards to learning how to program.

Unfortunately though i-studentgroup, at the time, had to let me go simply due to them not being able to afford to pay me…on to bigger and better things!

Here is a website I built for them that is still alive and largely un-edited.

This is when I got a job for Smarter Shows. They are a business to business exhibition company. When I started working at the company they ran 4 events. My main job as a junior developer there was to maintain and update the websites as well as create HTML emails from scratch to send out as promotion for the events.

After some time at the company I was promoted to web developer, which came with more responsibility and a nice pay rise!

During this time I was responsible for the re-build of all of the show websites as the company wanted to update the designs of them all, as well as the company website itself and an additional site for a new show that had just been created. The CMS they use at Smarter Shows is MODx which was also fun to learn and in all honesty I’m glad they use it as it is a really nice platform for websites, as a developer and an end user.

I think Smarter Shows is where I grew the most as a developer as there were always new challenges being thrown my way forcing me to think in different ways and solve new problems.

After leaving Smarter Shows I went to live in Cambodia and during my time there I took on several freelance projects and while working on these, as I liked the office atmosphere of Smarter Shows so much, I looked for a co working space where I could rent a desk, some internet and hopefully meet some nice people along the way. I found a place by the name of AngkorHub and it was here that I met Jeff Laflamme, who is the owner and also runs a company called Geekho. Eventually I got hired as part of the Geekho team and worked mostly on WordPress websites but it was here that I switched to a mainly Linux development environment using the terminal a lot more and things like gulp and bower programs within the terminal. The best project I got to work on during my time here by far was findacv.com a PHP web application in the Laravel framework and was built using Homestead. This was a big learning curve for me but one that I enjoyed very much.

I have now returned to the United Kingdom and am seeking employment.

When it comes to building websites, for me, nothing less than perfect is acceptable. I strive for customer satisfaction and and am excellent at communicating with whoever I might be working with.

My Skills:

  • WordPress
  • MODx
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • PHP
  • Git
  • LAMP
  • Bootstrap 2/3
  • Mobile and tablet friendly websites