Angkor Boutique Villa

This is a website I made while working for Geekho. It is for a hotel based in Siem Reap and made with love for WordPress.

There is no mobile or tablet version as the client did not want this.

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C2C Partners

C2C Partners was a re-skin / update to a website I had previously built;

This was one of the freelance projects I did while working in Cambodia for the branding agency nimcreative.

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Ceramics Expo

This is a website I made for the Ceramics Expo while working for Smarter Shows. The Ceramics Expo is a business to business exhibition in Cleveland, Ohio.

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This is the website for SINET, an ISP based in Cambodia. It was built for WordPress using the sage base theme by

The project was particularly interesting for me because it was my first using sage and one of the reasons i ended up switching to Linux as a main operating system, as when you are using sage Gulp and Bower are essential tools which are used in the lunix terminal.

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Smarter Shows

This is the company website for Smarter Shows, my former employer.

Personally I think it is one of the more beautiful websites I have built due to the parallax effect.

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Space Tech Expo

This is the website for Space Tech Expo, a business to business exhibition in L.A.

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